100% of the profits from the sale of the Thunderchild wine goes to the Wingerdprojek Trust, which then allocates funding as and when needed. While some of the expenses incurred are paid directly by the Trust, others are first paid for by the Children’s Home and then refunded out of the Trust.

For any more information about our expenses, please feel free to contact us at (+27) 23 626 3661 or

All financials are audited by Price Waterhouse Coopers (+27) 23 346 5500


The Robertson Children’s Home has a number of children with special needs, be it due to physical or mental disability, who are unable to reach their full potential at the local mainstream schools. Since Robertson does not have any special needs schools in the area, it is necessary for us to transport children to the special needs or technical schools in the neighbouring towns on a daily or weekly basis. Thunderchild funds the tuition and transport fees, as well as the board and lodging in some cases as well.

There are/have been children attending the following schools:
Alta Du Toit school, for children with physical and learning disabilities
De Grendel Special Needs/ Technical School
Nuwe Hoop, a school for children with learning and hearing disabilities
De La Bat school for the deaf 
Langerug school, a school for children with specific learning disabilities

There are also currently children attending the Jakes Gerwel Technical school in Bonnievale, a fantastic initiative that is very well suited to a large portion of children in the home. To transport the children to and from the school daily, the trust purchased a school bus in 2022. The trust also funds the tuition fees, school uniforms, driver’s salary, and bus fuel costs.

Thunderchild has contributed to various mathematics programs and tutorage, such as the Master Maths and Tower Maths programs. Furthermore, the trust funded a Unit Class Teacher that helps children with higher needs during class time as well as with homework after hours.

Thunderchild contributed to the costs and fees of several children to attend tertiary institutions, with children having attended and completed several degrees and courses over the years. Not only does Thunderchild pay for the fees, but also supports the learners with accommodation & living expenses, as well as pocket money.  We have had students complete degrees and certificates in Hospitality & Catering Services, Education, Financial Management, Architecture and even Nature Conservation.


While Education is our primary concern, the Thunderchild Project helps in other aspects of the children’s lives as well.
The trust aims to ensure that every child leaves the Children’s Home at the age of 18 with a driver’s license, this includes paying for driving lessons as well as for the actual driving test. We even have a licensed lorry driver now!

Sport is a very important aspect in a child’s development, especially so in South African culture. Thunderchild regularly contributes to costs involved in extra mural activities, from rugby tours to international dance competitions. The trust also contributes to music lessons and singing lessons for those that are more culturally inclined.

As can be expected, coming from broken homes can sometimes result in mental health struggles, and the trust therefor funds therapy and counselling sessions for those in need with several local therapists.
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